Our Products

We provide consumable products, laboratory equipments, diagnostic products and custom services.

Consumable products :

  • Bioron, Germany- Reagents, Chemical, molecular biology products.
  • Grenier BioOne, Germany- disposable plasticware
  • Biobasic, Canada - Reagents, Chemical, molecular biology products ,
    general labware and plasticware.
  • Borosil, India - glassware

Laboratory equipments:
  • Eppendorf, Germany - Centrifuges, Thermocycler (PCR) , micropipette, thermomixer, biophotometer automatic pipetting machine, cell porator and microinjector.
  • Major Science, USA - incubators, ovens, shakers, dry bath incubator, electrophoresis systems, power supply, Gel documentation system, gel dryer and fermentor.
  • Pall Life science - water purification system
  • Sanyo, Japan - Biomedical refrigerator, -80 degree Celsius deep freezer
  • Shimadzu, Japan - digital balance
  • Ika, Germany - Homogenizer

Diagnostic products:
  • Molecular diagnostics kits.
  • plastic disposable.
  • General diagnostics kits, reagents and analyzer.
  • Biochemistry reagents.
  • Bioreba- Plant diseases diagnostics kit and reagents.

Custom services:
  • Biobasic, Canada- oligos synthesis, gene synthesis, custom antibody production.
  • Solgent, Korea- sequencing.
  • Eppendorf, Germany: pipette calibration.